Edd Brandon of Edd's Pool & Spa supplies has had over 30 years pool & spa experience in NWA. He knows how to explain maintenance, chemicals & supplies for pools. His philosophy is the "Least amount of TIME & MONEY that a pool owner spends on their pool, the more that they like their pool, the more that they like him and the other pool owners they will send his way." He had rather make a little $ off a lot of pool owners than a lot of $ off a few.

We sell Haliland Pool Chemical, the leading brand of pool chemicals out of Canada. Super quality but low price. We offer FREE computer tests. Edd will read the results and tweak it to the conditions in NWA, so you get the maximum results with the least amount of chemicals & money.

Pool & Spa Accessories Include:

Vaccum Heads
Leaf Racks
Pool Brushes
Pool & Spa Filters
Pool Thermometers
Liquid Pool Covers
Winter Pool Covers
Spa Covers
Pool Chemicals & More!
Tevi Aboveground Pools

Above Ground Pool Sepials

Edd also sell Trevi above ground pool Kit. Trevi is a leading quality brand of A/G pool out of Canada. Since Canada has extreme winter weather these pools have to be able to take a solid freeze, so they are very well made. He sell 3 different models the "Price conscious," middle of the road and the High end. When you go up in quality of pools you get better pool,liner & equipment. But when you go thru a sale presentation you can mix and match. You can chose the pool you want, the liner you like the best, the equipment that you think will work best for you.

There are several options available for above ground pools. Edd will explain all the options that are available and let you chose what you think is best for you. If you e-mail us we will send you an information package. faytrade1@cox.net

Edd Brandon

Contact Information

Edd's general hours at the Fayetteville Trading Post is Mon. 10am to 6pm, Tues. 10am to 3pm, Wed. 10am to 6pm, Fri. 1pm to 6pm, Sat. 1pm to 6pm Edd's days off are Thursday & Sunday but he can always be reached by phone. If you are coming to the Trading Post to see and talk to Edd call him first because he runs errands for the store and he wouldn't want to miss you. (479)236-3315